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Politics and Policy Studies – Japanese Politics and Global Studies

The answers to these questions dominate every aspect of our lives. In our complex and interdependent world, responsible politics requires discourse, broad-based citizen participation and responsive leadership. To that end, the Politics and Policy Studies Concentration promotes the critical analysis of politics and public policy, with both a Japan and a comparative focus.

This concentration equips students with the tools to frame important questions; conduct theory-driven research; provide evidence-based answers; write clearly and persuasively; and participate in lively discussions. When theory and systematic empirical analysis drive purposeful analysis, significant insights for our communities and for the world emerge.

Major Courses for this concentration

  • The Politics of Growth in Developing Countries
  • Winners and Losers: Introduction to Political Theory
  • Introduction to Japanese Law
  • Power and Politics in Japan
  • Introduction to Comparative Policymaking
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Peace and Conflict

● Each course is two credits.
  • Citizen Politics in Japan and Beyond
  • International Relations in East Asia
  • Postwar Japan - U.S. Relations
  • What Makes Countries Poor?
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Political Behavior, Campaigns and Elections
  • Civic Engagement
  • Public Opinion and Political Psychology

● Each course is two credits.
  • Topics in Public Policy
  • Mass Media in the Policymaking Process
  • International Law and Organizations
  • International Political Economy
  • Development and Law
  • Topics in Japan’s Contemporary International Relations
  • Social Movements and Contentious Politics
  • Politics through Film

● Each course is two credits.