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Applying through the Common Application

Before you apply for the Liberal Arts program through the Common Application, please read the Application Guide and understand the relationship between the concentrations and the departments. All students at the ILA follow the same curriculum especially designed for the ILA program. However, on paper each student is also registered in one of six faculties. The placement of faculty and department is only for administrative purposes and degree certificate issuance upon graduation (refer to the chart below), and the final placement will be made by the University. You will be notified of the concentration, faculty and department to which you are admitted in the letter of acceptance.
Japanese Society and Global CultureLettersEnglish / Philosophy / Aesthetics and Art Theory / Cultural History / Japanese Literature
Social StudiesSociology / Social Welfare / Media, Journalism and Communications / Industrial Relations / Education and Culture
Japanese Business and the Global EconomyEconomicsEconomics
Japanese Politics and Global StudiesLawLaw / Political Science
Policy StudiesPolicy Studies

1. Sending Supplementary Documents (Hard Copies)

In addition to completing the Common Application, please send the following required documents to the ILA Office by Express Mail Service or an international courier service during the application period. These required documents must arrive before 5:00 p.m. Japan time on the date of the appropriate deadline. Unfortunately, we can not accept any documents after the deadline.

1) Document supporting your educational qualification
Submit at least one of the following documents:
  • Certificate of (Expected) High School Graduation
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Certificate (Predicted Grades are acceptable)
  • A LEVEL Results (Predicted Results are acceptable)
  • Abitur Certificate
  • French Baccalaureate Certificate
  • The prescribed form "Certificate of (Expected) Graduation" (if your high school does not issue an official certificate)
  • Other documents proving your educational background
In addition to one of the above documents, please submit a school profile and detailed assessment standards when available.

[Third-year transfer applicants]
In addition to one of the certificates listed above, attach one of the following:
  • Certificate of University Graduation (If you have already graduated from another university or college)
  • Certificate of University Enrollment

2) Academic Transcripts
Submit an official High School Transcript. Grades for each year should be indicated. If your school representative submits your academic transcript through The Common Application, you do not need to send it separately.

[Third-year transfer applicants]
In addition to an official High School Transcript, send an official University Transcript up to the most recent semester (grades for all the courses you completed and the number of credits you earned should be indicated).

3) English Proficiency Score
Submit at least one of the following scores:
  • TOEFL® iBT 85 or above (College Code: 7078)
  • IELTS Academic Module 6.5 or above
  • ACT Combined English/Writing 22 or above (College Code: 9078)
  • Old SAT Critical Reading and Writing sections 510 or above (Designated Institution Code: 7231)
  • New SAT Reading Test 28 or above, and Writing & Language Test 29 or above (Designated Institution Code: 7231)

Send an original Test Taker Score Report (no photocopies) or request the Test Center to send the Official Score Report directly to Doshisha University. Applicants are advised to request the delivery of the official scores in advance as it may take more than six weeks for the scores to be delivered to the University. The test scores must be no more than two years old at the time of submission. Please note that submission is optional for native speakers of English and applicants with 12 or more years of education in English.

4) Two photographs
Submit two identical photograph (3cm x 2.4cm, color, full front face without hat, taken within three months) with your name written on the back. Attach them to other required documents with a paper clip. These photographs will also be used for your Student ID Card upon acceptance.

Important Notes on Supplementary Documents

Translation of documents

If official documents such as Graduation Certificates and Transcripts of Grades are issued in a language other than English or Japanese, it is the applicant’s responsibility to attach an English or Japanese translation officially notarized by a foreign embassy in Japan or a Japanese Embassy abroad. If such notarized translations cannot be provided, an English or Japanese translation issued by the relevant school will be accepted provided that it has the school’s official seal.

Notarized/Certified copies of original documents

All the application documents must be original except for Identification Documents such as Passport. If you have original documents that cannot be replaced and it is therefore impractical to submit them because of the risk that they may be lost in the mail, you may submit a copy of the document which is notarized/certified by the relevant school, a foreign embassy in Japan, or a Japanese embassy abroad.

Request for return of original documents

Documents submitted will generally not be returned to the applicant. If you submit original documents and would like to have them returned, please enclose a note in the application packet indicating which document(s) you wish to have returned.

The Institute for the Liberal Arts Office
Doshisha University
Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8580 Japan
Tel: +81-75-251-3302

2. Completing the Common Application

Please complete the Common Application by the respective deadlines.

3. Notice of Receipt

You will receive a notice of receipt (within 2 weeks). Other than that, Doshisha University may contact you regarding your application. After submitting your application, it is important that you check your email regularly, including the spam folder.

We look forward to receiving your application.