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Introduction to the faculty

The Institute has over fifty international faculty members that bring to bear a wide range of experience from academia, business, education, journalism, government, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), as they set out to cultivate excellence in learning, teaching, and research.

In addition to their specialized knowledge on Japanese issues gained through extensive fieldwork and research, faculty members can also impart practical knowledge from an international student’s perspective, having studied in Japan themselves.

The diversity of the students and faculty really opens up one’s mind to different ways of thinking.
Naoe Tanaka, Japan

Core Teaching Staff

Colin Davis, PhD [Associate Professor]

Colin Davis, PhD [Professor]

Colin Davis grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the eastern coast of Canada obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce, Honours Economics from St. Mary’s University ... More
Gregory Poole, PhD [Professor and Dean of the Institute]

Gregory Poole, PhD [Professor]

Gregory Poole first came to Japan in 1986 and before arriving at Doshisha held a number of posts at universities in the Kanto region,... More
Gill Steel, PhD [Associate Professor]

Gill Steel, PhD [Professor]

Before arriving at Doshisha Gill Steel taught widely in Japanese universities, most recently in the Department of Social Psychology, ... More
Jeniffer McGuire, PhD [Assistant Professor]

Jennifer McGuire, PhD [Assistant Professor]

Jennifer McGuire was raised on Long Island, New York and obtained a B.A. in Communications from the University of Dayton in the United States. ... More
David Uva, PhD [Assistant Professor]

David Uva, PhD [Assistant Professor]

David Uva has been residing in Japan for more than ten years, and prior to joining Doshisha University worked as a researcher and lecturer at Osaka University, ... More