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Traditional Kyoto, Modern Kyoto, Academic Kyoto

Traditional Kyoto draws tourists from all over the globe to its temples and gardens that include 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites and offers a variety of natural and spiritual pursuits.

Modern Kyoto has everything that the resident or visitor could desire; a wide-range of shopping districts, a safe and fun nightlife, and access to Japan’s international hub cities of Osaka and Kobe.
To Study in Kyoto is to study in a place where you can see and touch history, not just read about it.
Do Yeon Shin, South Korea
Academic Kyoto provides a single campus; ILA students can take courses offered at a consortium of 51 universities throughout the region. Our students are also encouraged to participate in the international conferences hosted by Doshisha University and the ILA on a broad range of topics.

The Kansai region of Japan, of which Kyoto is a part, offers a multicultural environment with China-towns, Korea-towns, vibrant Vietnamese communities and a huge range of cultural and entertainment events. Many Kansai industries, organizations and universities compete on a global level and offer students rich case-study material across all areas of study.

Kyoto is the city of choice for innovators, artists, academics, and all those wishing to surround themselves with a balance of the past, present and future.
Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Tokyo