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Student Life & Support

Student Life and Support

To help students settle smoothly into life in Japan, and make the most of their time whilst studying at the ILA, Doshisha University offers various support services and extracurricular activities.
The state of the art facilities provide a comfortable place to study.
Ji Hee Kwon, South Korea

International Peer Support Program

Lifestyle Support Advisers are available for international students to give advice and answer questions regarding their academic and daily lives. The advisers are generally international graduate students from the same countries as the advisees, and offer support on settling into life in Japan and understanding Japanese society. See also Office of International Students.

Clubs and Societies

Doshisha Rugby
Doshisha has hundreds of extracurricular clubs and societies. Current ILA students are involved in guitar, newspaper, and Theater clubs. See also Clubs and Circles Page.

Health and Counseling

Students can consult with a doctor (physician) at the Health Center and obtain mental health support at the Counseling Center. We also process the applications and handle other formalities regarding the Medical Reimbursement Programs for international students. See also Health Care Page and Counseling Page.

International Community Lounge

This is a space for international students and the university community to facilitate cross-cultural exchange, find language partners, conduct meetings and study. See also International Community Lounge Page.

Career Center

To support students who pursue their career while in school, we offer information materials on employment and companies, vocational counselling, guidance and seminars. 98% of Doshisha graduates find employment and Doshisha University receives solicitations for about 600 job openings every year for international students. See also Career Support Page.

Japanese Language and Culture Courses

International Students can choose a wide variety of Japanese language and culture courses to improve their Japanese language and cultural understanding.

Students Support Services Center

The Student Support Services Center provides general information on campus life and studies, and offers counseling and self-development activities. The university also plans and sponsors various extracurricular activities including camping, lectures, concerts and film screenings.

University Festivals

Students participate in festivals and in events in and around Kyoto and at the University. Doshisha Eve is a huge, round-the-clock, three-day street festival where students and local residents come to enjoy music, food, sport, dance, and street theater.